2011 – 20 great years!

Here are just a few of our projects for 2011

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ShowSites, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years!

Fourth quarter 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of ShowSites, Inc.

This year has been marked by some truly wonderful successes, in spite of the economic challenges our world is facing.

A couple of highlights:

We created a display for The National Institutes of Health describing the development and evolution of the artificial heart valve.

Our customer, Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau received ANOTHER award for their linear display at the American Society of Association Executives Annual Convention in St. Louis.

We produced the display for the press event of the unveiling of the Endangered Species Stamp at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

We added collateral storage and fulfillment to our services.

ShowSites is very fortunate to have the continuing support of our long-term clients, relationships which date almost back to the beginning of ShowSites. Many thanks to IHG – InterContinental Hotels Group; Johnson & Johnson; LM&O; Air National Guard; Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau; National Automobile Dealers Association; Amtrak; National Institutes of Health and the United States Postal Service for their continuing loyalty.

ShowSites, Inc. is a woman-owned business, established in 1991 by Andrea Sadur Hostetler.

“I didn’t know you did that!”

We are not just exhibit builders and sign makers!

So often, customers take a look at our work and say “I didn’t know you did that!” Well, we do! That and the other!

From time to time, we will update our blog with cool projects that show off ALL of our talents.

Let’s start with this…

Can you refresh furniture? Yes, we can refresh furniture. A bargain bought through Craig’s List turned in to a magnificient dining room set, including an antique dining room table, buffet and cabinet. Take a look at these photos…

More photos of work to come. Stay tuned…

ShowSites celebrates 18 years of business

Established in 1991 by Andrea Sadur Hostetler, ShowSites has grown from a home-based business into a full-service production facility, including carpentry, graphics production, and storage for its’ many clients.

“ShowSites’ success is based on the fact that our growth has been steady over the years.  We have increased our business in small, manageable steps, never taking on more than we can afford, never taking a loan to support our growth,” says Andrea Hostetler.

ShowSites’ success is also due to its’ group of talented and hard-working professionals who handle every aspect of display design, fabrication and management.  “Sometimes it’s a juggling act to meet our deadlines, especially in peak trade show seasons, but the staff here is dedicated to our products and clients, and feel deep pride with every completed project,” says Andrea Hostetler. “They are artisans, technicians, carpenters, freight handlers, supervisors, carpet layers, etc., able to switch from one role to another with lightning speed!  They are amazing at what they do!”

Some of ShowSites’ milestones have been profound.  For instance, 2001, the tenth year, ShowSites’ anniversary coincided with the re-location and renovation of the Congressional Medals of Honor Display at the Pentagon, which was delivered October 1st, just 3 weeks after the catastrophic events of 9/11.  That year, ShowSites also completed a display honoring the Postal Service employees and their acts of courage and heroism resulting from the events of September 11th.  The display contained the U.S. Flag that flew over the U.S. Post Office Church Street Station in New York – close to the location of the Twin Towers.

“We have been privileged to work with many wonderful people including the staff at InterContinental Hotels Group, U.S. Postal Service, National Automobile Dealers Association,  Air National Guard, Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Defense Department, to name just a few.”

ShowSites gives thanks to all of our customers and vendors who have made the last 18 years possible.

Welcome to our lounge

In conjunction with launching our new website, we are introducing our blog— ShowSites Lounge.  It’s not just a forum to express opinions about trade shows, business, travel, and work.  It’s a forum for insights, fun, stories, aspirations, concerns, inspirations, etc.  This is for all of us to say what we wish to say.  It is my hope that ShowSites friends will take advantage of this discussion medium and offer ideas, views and thoughts to be shared with our cyber-world.